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Jessica Velo

Lopez Island


White Sky

16 x 20 inches



I grew up in Seattle and excelled at art as a child. This seemed unremarkable because I came from a family with a lot of artistic talent.
I dropped out of art school at nineteen because I felt I had nothing meaningful to say, and stopped making art.

Two decades later I found myself living in the San Juan Islands and working with my brother to make tools for wood carvers. The necessity to understand the use of these tools led me to dabble in carving and dip my toe once again into the creation of artwork.

Meanwhile, being immersed in a stunning and peaceful natural environment on Lopez Island, I began to find my way back to the inner artist I had lost along the way. I started painting again in 2023.

I no longer think having something to say is the prerequisite for creating. The art I make is my attempt to hold onto something fleeting and connect with beauty. I find imagery that appeals to me, and that is all. Usually this involves light, weather, or shapes. My current work focuses entirely on the landscape, water and sky near my home for inspiration.

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