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Sept 16 - Nov 6, 2017


Jean Behnke, Michael Peterson and Peter de Lory

Jean Behnke, Michael Peterson, and Peter de Lory featured familiar yet refreshing treatments of our Pacific NW landscapes. Behnke is a printmaker and sculptor, Peterson a sculptor, and de Lory a photographer.

“It appears that somewhere between my intention and lack of it an authentic art can reveal itself.” - Jean Behnke

“My organic abstract work in wood has always been grounded in the natural world and has come to evolve out of the process of making and develops its own logic. There are few absolutes.” - 1986, Michael Peterson

“I am interested in how humans relate to and alter the places where we live, whether it is the wilderness or urban landscape.” - Peter de Lory


The Honeywell Charitable Fund, Printonyx, Browne’s Home Center and Harbor Rentals.

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