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Henry Jackson-Spieker's Lattice II is a soaring installation in the light filled Atrium at SJIMA. His installation is on view now through September 12, 2022.

Artist Henry Jackson-Spieker


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I work with three-dimensional forms employing process-oriented mediums, allowing me more control over the materials from start to finish. This style of working helps me understand the distinctive qualities of each medium and in turn find the differences between them. These materials dictate the speed at which I can work, forcing me to work faster or slower in order to achieve the desired outcome. This relationship created through the manipulation of materials helps influence and inform my work.

I explore the constant push and pull of opposing forces that causes an unstable existence but ultimately gives way to a balanced unified duality. Combining different mediums creates a source of tension and conflict resulting in an unstable existence. By incorporating physical tension, positive and negative space, rigid and fluid lines, as well as organic and architectural forms I am able to explore these points of conflict and challenge the traditional characteristics of each medium to create a unified duality in a sculptural form.


Henry Jackson-Spieker is a multidisciplinary artist, based in and from Seattle, WA, working and combining glass, bronze, steel, wood, and fiber. His work explores tension, balance, and reflection through the merging of these contrasting materials. At the age of 13 he started his studies in glass and metal fabrication at Pratt Fine Arts Center.

Jackson-Spieker received his BFA from Western Washington University and completed the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture’s Public Art Boot Camp. He has gone on to create sight specific installations at The Seattle Center, Method Gallery, and Wa NA Wari Gallery. He has cultivated a range of experiences working as an art handler for Artech, a project manager, lead fabricator for artist John Grade, and is currently the studio manager for artist Marela Zacarias. Jackson-Spieker also teaches glassblowing and bronze casting at Pratt Fine Arts Center. Jackson-Spieker will be starting the Sculpture-Dimensional Studies MFA program at Alfred University in the Fall of 2020.


Sponsored by: The Honeywell Charitable Fund, Town of Friday Harbor, San Juan County, Anonymous, Harbor Rental, Printonyx, and Browne’s Home Center

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