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IN ADDITION TO JAMES LONGLEY-SJIMA Supports Artists and the Arts on Orcas Island

The Orcas Island artists have substantially helped create the dialogue between art and the beating hearts of our communities.

To support them in return, Artists’ Registry members benefit from year-round links on our web site to the artists’ own studios. SJIMA mails exhibition postcards to every household in the county and broadcasts the event to the press, members and donors. For the Artists’ Registry show each individual artist gets their art displayed on four social media platforms.

See recent samples of exhibiting artists’ promotion HERE.

There is so much we want to do to support your community and artists and bringing the Longley exhibit is part of that plan.

The San Juan Islands Museum of Art’s unique site is:

The Orcas Island Community Foundation covers all bank fees so the whole amount you donate online goes to the non-profit.

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