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Dana Alkebu-Lan

San Juan Island


LUMINOUS Gallery/Studio


34"W x 38"L

Fiber & driftwood


I am Dana Alkebu-Lan, a studio weaver living in the beautiful San Juan Islands of the Pacific Northwest. It is here that I gain my inspiration for the hand-woven wall hangings that I weave. Each of my tapestries are an invitation to be present, to discover self and to experience the beauty of Mother Nature. As a self-taught fiber artist, I consider my work to be a meditative practice, one that allows me to surrender in a symbolic way, finding that the beauty and meaning in each piece intuitively unfolds as I step out of my mind and into my heart, trusting the materials and my hands to guide me. Continuously inspired by the seasons in nature, my work focuses on earth tones and textures, using materials such as wool, cotton, linen, seaweed, driftwood, moss and any treasure I may find. These are the seeds in which I take to my loom. An ode to Mother Nature, a color palette, a feeling and I begin. The design develops along the way, revealing itself with each sitting. Deep listening, intuition and gratefulness guide the shape and tones of the tapestry. I seek to create both a visual, tactile and emotional experience for the viewer by intricately weaving meaning and feeling into texture and color. Each unique tapestry exhibits a sense of peaceful movement, inviting the viewer inwards to experience a moment of softness, quiet beauty and nourishment for the soul.

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