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Family Art Days

Child hand drawing on paper during Family Art Days

Unveiling the Fall 2023 Family Art Days at SJIMA:
A Journey through Nature and Artistry!

With autumn arrives a new series of free Family Art Days workshops at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art.


Inspired by the current exhibit Archipelago-Contemporary Art of the Salish Sea, instructor and artist Lana Hickman has designed art projects that highlight marine life found in the San Juan and Gulf Islands—some of it mysterious and little known by the public, such as glass sponges or luminescent corals deep in the sea.


Varying in subject matter from “Salish Sea Fauna” to “Seals and Whales,” the projects offer hands-on creative activity in a range of media including pipe cleaners and paints, fabric and yarns, paper mâché and air-dry clay.


Don't miss out on this hands-on art experience for children and families! Join us, get inspired, and unleash your creativity.


Remember to RSVP on, with registration for each class opening a week prior to the session.


Make Art!

Family Art Days (FAD) is a free, fun art education program intended to give children the opportunity to create a hands-on art project with an adult family member(s), adult friend, or mentor.

With Your Help
We Inspire, Connect, & Create

The San Juan Islands Museum of Art is dedicated to celebrating and sharing the beauty of art with the local community.


We provide a free art program for families and children, made possible by the generous donations of our supporters.


Our mission is to educate and inspire the public through art and creativity.

Teacher sharing images of patterns with child outside during Family Art Days

FALL 2023 Family Art Days

No upcoming events at the moment

October 7

Venus sea basket glass sponge created with pipe cleaners.

Glass sponges are building their own reefs to replace corals. We celebrate resilience of life by working on our own new reefs!

October 14

Under the sea collage in multimedia.

Humans dream of the Deep Sea adventure. As artists we can go anywhere and bring visions of other worlds to life using various colors and textures.


October 21

Southern Gulf Islands.

We paint in acrylics something subtly different, the islands almost like ours, yet..Our inspiration is sustained by the Native Pacific Northwest art.


October 28

New inspirations, the seabirds of the Salish Sea!

We work fiber to fiber in patchwork using fabric and yarns. Puffins and murrelets come to life.


November 4

Corals of Juan de Fuca Rift.

Deep sea corals are most mysterious. They glow like neon in the UV light. We create our corals in papier mache' and paint them bright.


November 11

Burst of color collage with layered color photo images.

One is never tired of looking at the wild flowers. We work using stunning images of familiar wild blooms to the most wonderful result.


November 18

Seals and Whale sculptures in air dry clay.

These playful and graceful animals invite us to explore their world. We shape flippers with our hands and send our sculptures on a sea journey.

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