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Previous Exhibitions
Close up of painting of a woman in a red apron slicing food.
Zev Robinson
Chinese Zodiac combined with Mexican creatures portrayed as masks by Artist George Rodriguez
George Rodriguez
Artist James Longley photgraphs at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Looking Into Kabul, exhibition, Afghanistan culture, Everyday life in Kabul, Documentary
James Longley
The New FORBIDDEN exhibit art piece human head sculpture.
Kevin Christison
Artist MJ Anderson, figurative white sculpture, marble, stone sculpture, SJIMA
M.J. Anderson
Artist Francie Allen exhibits of sculptures at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, "On Being Alive!"
Francie Allen
Steve Jensen, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Voyager Series, Wood carvings, Glass sculptures
Steve Jensen
Deon Venter, Missing/Highway of Tears, Art exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art
Deon Venter
An image of a giant red octopus, with its tentacles coiling up.
Mixed media sculpture of a water creature, combining elements of nature to create a unique form.
Andrew Shewman
Artwork display 'Portrait of an Ocean' exhibition depicting the harmful effects of marine debris on ocean life including colorful disposable lighters.
April Surgent
Yasmine Kasem exhibition "The Female Gaze" at the San Juan Islands Art Museum
Yasmine K. Kasem
SUBSTRATE: underlying currents is a collection of artwork that highlights the power of monochromatic schemes and their ability to evoke complex emotions and experiences through light and shadow.
Singleton, Susol, Alex-Glasser
Spring Street School
Close up of Aaron Haba's art piece - a 2,500 lb. vessel, created from recycled church timbers.
Aaron Haba
Art piece of Ai Weiwei made with painted rebar.
Ai Weiwei
Hydrographs exhibit art piece IMPLICATIONS Inkjet on Awagami Inbe, Thin, folded and bound into 30 accordion books that expand to create a panoramic image.
Nicole Pietrantoni
Ansel Adams black & white photograph of ocean waves breaking on a rocky beach, view from above.
Brooks, Adams, & Monnelly
Green satin ribbon holds a message hanging from sapling wood.
Matthew Gray Palmer
Detail of art by Kathy Venter, blue head and neck of ceramic sculpture a part of the exhibit, Immersion.
Kathy Venter
Tom Small
Two crab-pot buoys displayed with white rope.
Kalina Winska
Human figures playing with the world. The figures represent “human consciousness" in cosmic scenarios.
Patti Warashina
ARCHIPELAGO - Canadian Artists
Artist Henry Jackson-Spieker creates glass, bronze sculpture on exhibit at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art.
Henry Jackson-Spieker
Artist Gail Grinnell creates sculpture, weaving, fabric in exhibition Fiat Lux, San Juan Islands Museum of Art.
Gail Grinnell
Go Figure! art exhibition uses the human body as art at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art. Woman with rabbit as a hat.
Pink post-it notes from Pink Pew Exhibit by Billy Mark at SJIMA
Billy Mark
The Pulse of Water, June Sekiguchi, Art exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Immersive installations, Large-scale art, Site-responsive art
June Sekiguchi
Holly Ballard-Martz, Art exhibition, Domestic Bliss, San Juan Islands Museum of Art
Holly Ballard-Martz
Food for Thought, Robert Dash, Art exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Contemporary art, Nature, Organic forms
Robert Dash
Cathryn Mallory
Imogen Cunningham black and white photo from THROUGH MY LENS exhibit at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art
Imogen Cunningham
Painting by Nicola Wheston of a room with stuff on the ground
Nicola Wheston
Gareth Curtiss
 A copper burner form once found throughout the Northwest from Burnt the exhibition at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art in 2017.
Lee Imonen
Lush green forest nature painting by Kathy Gore-Fuss
Kathy Gore-Fuss
Exhibit on a wall of a collection at San Juan Islands Museum of Art made with wood, fiber, jewels, bones, stems, lichen, and various materials from the natural environment.
Morse Clary
Close up of cat by Francisco Goya
Francisco Goya
Bird nest with four robin blue eggs, one egg appears to have hatched.
Dianne Kornberg
Earth-tone painting with organic lobe shapes and yellow lines on paper.
Joe Miller
Color photograph of small red and white octopus.
Susan Middleton
Skyriver, Richmond, Muzylowski
Shades of Compassion
Painting of a yellow dinghy with oars on the beach.
Kurt Solmssen
Geoffrey Pagen THE PORTLAND YEARS Enamel, steel, wood "paintings" 2-D and 3-D
Geoffrey Pagen
Tom Gormally Folk-like carvings, Art Show at SJIMA, effigy, shamanistic, constructed pieces
Tom Gormally
Artist Helen O'Toole painting, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, oil on canvas, What Was: unmarked exhibition, Irish history.
Helen O'Toole
Artist Nola Ahola colorful water color. From exhibition at the San Juan Islands Museum of Art, "Going the Distance."
Nola Ahola
Carol Beckwith, Angela Fisher, Photography, Exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art,
African ceremonies and culture
Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher
Curious pieces, Stubblefield's workshop, Samuel Stubblefield, Art exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art
Samuel Stubblefield
Traces, Mary Cross, Art exhibition, San Juan Islands Museum of Art, Installation art, Female identity, Lineage, Cultural inheritance
Mary Coss
A painting of a lush garden filled with vibrant flowers, bright red poppies and greenery.
Malcom Curtis Ross
A collection of personal photographs, and mementos, belonging to soldiers and telling their unique story.
Gee’s Bend quilt-making traditions and African American art museum exhibition
Visionary woman in pottery, abstract in grey, white and teal.
Lumi Verdugo
Connery, Rock
Close up of remnant burnt tree trunks art piece showing charred remains.
Suze Woolf
Brightly colored Northwest tribal mask with frog in mouth, abalone inlay.
John F. Heric
As Above, So Below exhibit of glass and mixed-media sculptures at San Juan Islands Museum of Art
Dana Lynn Louis
A River of Migrating white colored salmon suspended over arranged white socks to simulate a river. Gu Xiong art piece.
Gu Xiong
Woodblock art print of Potato Shoots with green leaves and exposed white roots by Luigi Rist
Luigi Rist
Eight colorful containers fastened by rope.
William Morris
Abstract painting with horizontal bands of color from blue, off-white, white, yellow and green.
Michael Dailey
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