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Oil Painting

Amanda Azous

San Juan Island



Off-Grid Studio

Summer Rain

42 x 30 x 2 inches



The order of science feeds my soul, yet I thrive in the disorder of artistic expression. The requirements of compelling composition feel science based. What captures the eye...where light one travels through a painting and the emotional pathways it take the viewer. What abstractions carry the imagination to unkown places...the mind to unthought thoughts...and inspire the desire in someone to see an image daily on their wall? Art is as analytical as science but my outcomes as an artist are unhindered by rigid scientific methods and that's deeply freeing. Once an analyst, a scientist and an engineer, I now paint transformational abstract expressions of nature, energy and emotions. My paintings are deep with patterns and textures and often meditational. Off-Grid Studio, where I paint, symbolizes my lifestyle as well as my art forms. I see the world as flowing energy. It is a model of the universe I can identify with both as a scientist and as a spiritual person. I paint this energy I see.

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