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Howard "Howie" Rosenfeld

San Juan Island


360 378-5788

Studio: Friday Harbor Art Studio

Rousseau, 1st Dogwatch, Parted Sheet

15.25 x 13.5 x 0.875 inches



Aboard ships the watch is a crew work shift, usually divided into four hour watches so each crew member works four hours on and four hours off. A dog watch is when a four hour watch is divided into two. This is done so during the 4pm-6pm dog watch and the 6pm-8pm dog watch both crews can have their dinner. I’ve sailed using watches. The times that something always seemed to go wrong, needing immediate attention, was either during dinner or at 3am. For this piece I chose dinner, with all working sails set in a breeze, with the highest sail parting a sheet line.

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