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Descend to the forest floor and enter the microcosmic world of myxogastria (slime mold), tiny fruiting bodies that inspire these sculptures that incorporate light and sound.

Reverie: Myxogastria

March 8 through June 3, 2024



Descend to the forest floor and explore the microcosmic world of myxogastria (slime mold). These tiny organisms produce fantastical fruiting bodies and serve as the inspiration for these sculptures which incorporate light and sound. As you explore, the work reacts to your presence as a living creature might and you become part of the artwork. Don't miss this chance to experience this interactive piece created especially for the SJIMA atrium.
OctoEyes (Ron L Smith, II)

Ron L Smith, II, creating art as OctoEyes, is a Seattle-based artist known for his captivating sculptures that often integrate light, fire, and interactive elements. Inspired by the spectacle of Burning Man, OctoEyes embarked on a transformative journey, transitioning from creating smaller-scale ceramic works to crafting larger sculptures that engage and captivate audiences.

After a successful career as a software developer, OctoEyes is primarily self-taught in creating interactive installations. His fascination with the vast shapes inherent in nature serves as the foundation of his artistic exploration. Through his work, OctoEyes amplifies these natural forms and alters their contexts to offer viewers an immersive experience.

OctoEyes infuses interactivity into his sculptures, inviting audiences to engage with his creations and explore their own agency within the artwork. Having exhibited at events such as Burning Man, Portland Winter Light Festival, and Oregon Zoo Lights, his pieces stand as an intersection between artistry and audience participation.

Driven by a passion for experimentation OctoEyes aims to inspire curiosity, wonder, and self-reflection through his work.


Spring Show In-Kind Sponsors: Browne’s Home Center, Printonyx, and Harbor Rental

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