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Oil Painting

Kristen Reitz-Green

San Juan Island


Reitz-Green Arts

Glass Half Full

55 x 30"

Oil Painting


Kristen Reitz-Green is a recent addition to San Juan Island from Vashon Island. She is an oil painter known for large scale works of food, glass jars, and marbles. Her artwork also incorporates a variety of other mediums including mosaic, lapidary, and jewelry making. She currently shows work throughout the Pacific Northwest and has pieces in collections around the country.

“Although I paint different types of subject matter, it is connected through use of vibrant color, the reflective nature of subject matter, and the large scale. I love to paint food, my most well known genre, and my newest series I call “ Glassworks”. Much of my work centers around the nostalgia people have for favorite childhood memories.”

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