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Drawing / Etching / Printmaking

Alaina Scheffer (She/They)

San Juan Island



8.5” x 9.25”

Linocut / 6 Layer Reduction / 10 Colors


As an island-raised artist, Alaina Scheffer’s work often reflects the myriad of visual shape shifting that takes place in her home landscape of San Juan Island. A subdued winter sunset at Cape San Juan, sunlight catching Madrone trees in early Spring on Mount Young, a dear friend taking ritual dips in the ocean amidst the kelp beds – everything about the island draws her eye and tugs at her heart. At times, their synesthesia can suffuse their painting experience; colors and shapes have a hint of sound and texture that can be tangibly felt within their body as their brush strokes the canvas. Depicting her coastal home in landscape form is one aspect of her artistry that brings out this experience, and something she will never tire of. Similarly, being able to capture the unique experience of island living and islander’s stories through portraiture and more abstract pieces are an important part of her work that she is beginning to develop. Her work has been exhibited both locally and nationally, featuring multiple mediums. Her working studio is welcome to all, and located in Surina Business Park on San Juan Island.

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