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May 26 - September 4, 2017


Multiple Artists

First Nation Legendary & Emerging Artists.

The voices of the ancestors speak through the work of a new generation of First Nation artists and their honored mentors in this exceptional collection. The works of these multiple artists occupied all three galleries of the museum. Much of the art on display has become part of SJIMA's permanent collection.

'Emergence' continues the 2017 SJIMA exhibit theme of THE NORTHWEST'S NATURAL RESOURCES in DIALOGUES FROM THE FOREST: Part 2. This noteworthy exhibition from five outstanding collections, highlights twenty-five contemporary artists, members of Coastal Pacific Northwest tribes and Inuit from the Hudson Bay area, as they interpret traditional cultural images in glass, prints, stone, bone and wood.


The Honeywell Charitable Fund, Printonyx, Browne’s Home Center and Harbor Rentals.

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