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Nicole Pietrantoni, IMPLICATIONS, 108" x 396" x 12”, Inkjet on Awagami Inbe Thin, folded and bound into 30 accordion books that expand to create a panoramic image.


September 17 – November 28, 2016


Nicole Pietrantoni

“With a specific interest in photography’s historic relationship to representation, my artworks draw attention to our active role in constructing and idealizing landscapes. I am interested in interrogating the tradition of landscape photography and the tension between beautiful, picturesque images of nature and the near-constant threat of environmental change.

Combining a variety of digital and traditional media, these investigations culminate in installations works on paper and site-specific art. Rather than a fixed site or a single image, I seek to engage nature as an accumulation of processes, perceptions, and narratives – a dynamic and shifting system open to interpretation” - Nicole Pietrantoni


The Honeywell Charitable Fund, Printonyx, Browne’s Home Center and Harbor Rentals.

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