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September 24 - December 6, 2021


Francie Allen

“Space is a critical element in my work, since at the atomic level most of the human body is composed of space. We are porous like my sculptures: space and air move in us and through us.”

Allen’s undulating figures are fashioned of wire netting and other lacey materials. Fluid transparent bodies, visceral and sculptural, cast their shifting shadows. They are a perfect foil for special lighting effects to create environments of shadows. Dancers, acrobats, musicians, magicians, and lovers are her subject matter – expressing the joy of being embodied, of being alive in a human form.


The Honeywell Charitable Trust, Town of Friday Harbor, National Endowment for the Arts, Washington State Arts Commission, San Juan Island Community Foundation, Orcas Island Community Foundation, Printonyx, Harbor Rentals and Browne’s Home Center.

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