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"How can stones tell stories about our lives? If you fit within these stones, where would you be? Where would you sit? Where would you walk?" - Tom Small

Stories in Stone and Light

March 8 through June 3, 2024


Tom Small

“My father was an architect. As a stone carver, I’ve been compelled to recreate architecture and human structures to open up new conversations about how we build and live on Earth. My stone, glass and bronze pieces are dwellings set within stone and are dependent on stone, as we are dependent on the Earth. Most of my pieces begin and open a conversation. It is how I find the quiet poetry of the earth. Quiet, because it doesn’t speak in words, but poetry, because it speaks inside of me. I look forward to hearing what new ideas emerge.” – Tom Small

Seeing and experiencing Tom Small’s sculpture is to experience moments when the stone comes alive – when its identity emerges and how the artist worked to reveal it – how he allowed it to breathe. In the process, Tom says “Our relationship changes. Now I am guided. I am there to protect the essence revealed. Our conversation gives life to both of us. Can I transfer or receive living energy in the moment of carving? Can I leave it in the stone?”

What new ideas might emerge for you when viewing this exhibit? Will it ask questions never asked before and ask you to follow them? Discover the “idea of seeing through” and learn about the relationship between stone and Tom Small’s finished sculptures – the merging of nature and art.

“Art is an act of faith; what else could it be?” – Tom Small


Spring Show In-Kind Sponsors: Browne’s Home Center, Printonyx, and Harbor Rental

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