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SJIMA has free Family Art Days (FAD) year-round.

Convenient and created for COVID-times were the take-home FAD packs with full instructions for creative family-time fun and entertainment now and into the fall and winter. AND, in 2020 they were so popular we have continued to provide the take-home packs and offer live FAD classes in the orchard this summer.

From parents:

"After spending our Saturday outdoors, it is so wonderful to come to the museum and paint the birds we've just seen!

“This is a highlight of the weekend!"


"We'll talk about the beauty of potatoes for years to come. This painting and printing class made potatoes even more of a comfort food!!"

SJIMA needs support for these specially designed programs to continue into the future.

Please go to the link below to support SJIMA’s moving and relevant exhibits and arts education:


Trivia Bonus Grant Winner Announced

The winner of the Trivia Bonus Grant Game will be announced today on SJICF's Facebook page HERE. See who won and which charity received a $500 bonus grant!

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