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Give them with a smile and wear them in style!

Artsy masks with art by Picasso, O’Keeffe, Monet, Seurat, Pollock and even Michelangelo!

The San Juan Islands Museum of Art (SJIMA) has a new take on COVID-19 masks. Come and see the artsy and fun masks made just for SJIMA. If we need to wear them, then let’s be stylish!

Come by SJIMA and have fun picking the ones to please those on your gift list. Although the museum is closed, we will have masks available for purchase on Saturday's from 1-3pm at

540 Spring Street.

There are masks of art by famous artists, as well as kid’s masks with fun and whimsical turtles and fairies, Superman and animals.

Degas mask.

The masks come in adult, X large and kid’s sizes. They are all comfortable washable cotton except a few have elastic ties. The adult & XL sizes cost $20 and the kids’-sized cost $13. All proceeds are donated to SJIMA’s programs and exhibitions. Prices do not include sales tax.

See you Saturday afternoon. And remember, all COVID procedures are in place. Please wear a mask or we will provide one for you.

Thank you for supporting SJIMA!


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