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Afghanistan, one of the poorest and most poorly understood countries in the world, has been a center of revolution, foreign occupation and civil war for over forty years. For most of us the human struggles of Afghans have remained on the periphery of our vision.

James Longley’s exhibition LOOKING INTO KABUL provides a view of Afghanistan that is both epic in scope and intimate in detail.

Focusing on everyday life in Kabul’s old city, LOOKING INTO KABUL combines vast panoramic images with portraits and documentary films to create a breathtaking look into an unseen world of children at play, in schools, courtyards and markets - all steeped in the atmosphere and culture of this ancient and troubled city.

SJIMA will host this visually striking and deeply educational exhibition of Longley’s vibrant record with hours of video and a broad collection of large-scale photographs.

Help us bring Longley to speak and show his films on Orcas Island in the summer of 2022.

Thank you for contributing. We are grateful to the OICF and its members for its gift of including us in the 2021Give Orcas Holiday Catalog.

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