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Family Art Days (FAD): Saturday, October 2, 11 am - 1 pm

Free, creative fun projects for children and family members to make at home.

As long as humans existed they were making dolls. Dolls were toys for children, tokens for adults, and necessary objects for shamans and medicine men in general. Dolls represented gods in the rituals, sometimes enemies to be destroyed, and also served as treasured companions for people of any age.

Dolls uniquely have been modeled and styled after a human form. Dressing a doll was an important activity that was educational and helped to develop skills for making clothes for the family. On many occasions, dolls served as main or supportive characters in folk tales and mythology. More often than not, stories featured dolls as animated beings and friends

which gave advice and provided help to humans associated with them.

This project allows you to create your own dolls, even a small crowd of them to bring you joy regardless of the season! The dolls you make this time will be flexible and ready to engage in various activities. Though small like fairies, these dolls will have all the details needed. Also, you'll see that both girl and boy dolls can be created using simple materials.


Sponsors: San Juan Island Community Foundation, Suzy Wakefield, Leonie Griswold, Washington State Arts Commission, and National Endowment for the Arts.

For this program, families need to pre-register for each week’s take-home pack, so there will be enough supplies available. Register at All COVID precautions required are in effect.

Family Art Days lessons are designed by Lana Hickman. If you have questions or wish to sign up to volunteer, email Donations are always welcome to keep this program working for San Juan Islanders. Join the art of discovery at SJIMA, where there is always something new.

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