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Read about the upcoming K-8 Student Field Trip Program

Why touring children requires a somewhat different approach.

As children absorb and learn in varying stages of their development, we need to challenge them with the visual thinking process appropriate for their level of understanding.

When touring children, docents will utilize storytelling and role-playing along with the newly-created lesson plans.

SJIMA’s educational outreach program includes studying other museum programs, interviewing staff, taking field trips, role-playing, and online and private training classes. In other words, investigating what is appropriate for our island county. All this research contributes to an age-sensitive teaching syllabus. As new exhibitions emerge, the lesson plans will be adjusted to include information on the medium, artists, and subjects. Desired funding includes printing and distributing written materials to the teachers and docents.

Our regular docent program will continue, however, expanded with the customized program for school group tours. All classes will experience the Visual Thinking techniques which include interactive dialogue.

Please go to the link below to support SJIMA’s customized student arts education program.

TODAY'S SJICF GAME PRIZE: $500 bonus grant to nonprofit receiving the highest # of online and booth donations. Must be unique donors (example – donors can’t give a $5 donation 20 times; your dog can not donate with your credit card; kids CAN donate with your credit card – a great way to involve them in local philanthropy!)

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