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SJIMA Announces K-8 Student Field Trip Program

The San Juan Island Community Foundation (SJICF) kicks off their 2022 County Fair Giving Campaign today! The County Fair Grant Catalog is now open and ready to receive donations through August 20.

SJIMA K-8 Student Field Trip Program

This new K-8 program will expand accessibility to SJIMA’s world-class exhibitions. The teaching materials to be developed are age and grade-appropriate making the art and its meaning more approachable for children. With the development of these new materials, students will gain a deeper engagement with ideas and build capacities to confront complex 21st-century challenges. This funding will help docents conduct staff and teacher interviews, explore established materials from other art museums and create various teaching and tour plans. The resulting museum tour plans will be used by SJIMA docents who will lead the school tours. Additionally, all materials will be archived, including a syllabus, and act as a resource for future docent training.

Please go to the link below to support SJIMA’s customized student arts education program.

TODAY'S SJICF GAME PRIZE: $500 bonus grant to nonprofit receiving the highest total $ value for online or SJICF fair booth donations.

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