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The Adventure of Collaboration.

Part of the fun for SJIMA is finding ways to work with other organizations and community resources. With each exhibition we look for special speakers or activities to enhance the message of the show and educate us in the art. Here are some examples:

During DEEP DIVE we welcomed our first animal guest, Eba, the whale poop sniffing dog and her handler, Giles, to the museum to discuss the food cycle and science of orcas’ diet. The renowned Bill Holm talked about his life with First Nation art, culture and canoe building. Bill, whose ceremonial names are Ho’miskanis; and Tlalelitlaan, is a well-honored chief. He got to visit the Kwigwatsi canoe in our Atrium Gallery during EMERGENCE:First Nation Legendary & Emerging Artists.

With two other exhibits, SJIMA held yoga classes in the space as the art provided a genuinely meditative space. Part of the Conversations with Gee’s Bend program included a quilting class taught by a national-known instructor.

Help SJIMA continue these efforts for our islands.

Thank you for your support!

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