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SJIMA aims to provide arts engagements that bring meaning and joy into our children’s experience.

Training will enable docents to better engage K-8 students in the art that is presented at SJIMA, bringing a better grasp of the artists and their work.

Opening the world of art to children is one of the greatest achievements a museum can offer. Our mission is to promote an art education that is enjoyable and thought-provoking even for the younger children working alongside their school teachers. We aim to empower students to think for themselves and help them find their voice to describe, for them, new worlds.

Currently our docent instructor is Marney Reynolds who brings to SJIMA many years of experience leading tours for all ages. Ms. Reynolds holds an MFA in art and has taught college-level art courses. She is also on SJIMA’s Board of Trustees.

Please go to the link below to help SJIMA reach its arts education goals.

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